For years I was plucking, shaving, waxing. I went to a laser clinic and learned that it is not permanent hair removal but rather hair reduction. I did research on the internet and I discovered that electrolysis is the only proven method of permanent hair removal.

Electrolysis worked for me!

Sarah Younge

I have very sensitive skin and was very happy to find out that the blend method works for me. I can have treatment during my lunch break and no one will notice!

Olivia Brown

The free consultation brought me to the Advanced Institute. All my questions were answered and a free demo was performed. I was afraid that it would be very painful but it wasn't. On my chin, it felt like an insect bite . On my upper lip, I used Emla to numb the area and it wasn't painful.
I'm very happy with the results!

Anne Thomas

The price of a treatment at the Advanced Institute is almost half of what many other clinic charge. Because of the flexible hours I can have my treatments early in the morning or very late in the evening. They always accommodate my busy schedule!

Sophia Singh

I have dark skin and the hair on my face made my skin appear darker. After electrolysis, my skin is lighter and free of hair. I can face the world with confidence!
Electrolysis has changed my life!
Thank you!

Anita Purri

Laser didn't work for me. My back and shoulders were covered with black hair and with my white skin, I was the perfect candidate for laser. Only electrolysis has worked and I'm VERY happy with the results.

Peter Zanuka

As a transexual, I need permanent hair removal from several parts of my body. I have a lot of grey hair therefore laser was not an option. Electrolysis works for me and the Advanced Institute made me feel comfortable and is very accommodating to my needs.

John Mullock

After many temporary hair removal methods left my skin scared, with ingrown and pigmented, I thought that I would give electrolysis a try. I read that it is still the only permanent hair removal method and does not damage dark skin.

I had thick, dark, course hairs all over my chin, sides and upper lip, not to mention the ugly bumps all over from the ingrown. Electrolysis changed all that. Not only am I hair free now but my skin looks amazing.

Dark Skinned Individual

Due to hormone treatments my skin was very sensitive. At the Electrolysis Toronto Clinic they knew exactly how to treat my skin type. The staff was warm, friendly and very professional. I was also very impressed with how safe and confidential the whole process was.

Transgendered Female

Having had many varying electrolysis requirements, there was always uncertainty on what electrolysis clinic would be appropriate for my needs, and how they may accept me as an individual!

I was nervous at first, but the staff at the Electrolysis Toronto Clinic treated me with open arms, respect, and as a friend.
Their expertise, quality of work and professionalism is excellent. Whenever I have come for treatment, they make me feel at home, and I know I am in good hands. I highly recommend the Electrolysis Toronto Clinic to the LGBT community!

LGBT Individual

I was looking around for a new electrologist since I arrived in Toronto. As a university student I am always on a budget. I shopped around for a safe, experienced place and I was pleasantly surprised to find that at the Electrolysis Toronto Clinic you can have both and the best part is the price. It is very affordable and fit within my budget.

University Student

By in large the biggest problem that I experienced when I was trying to book an appointment for a consultation was that most clinics closed by the time I finished work. I loved the flexible hours and how easily they accommodated me.  They have been in business for over 18 years offer a free consultation and a free 5 minute demonstration 7 days a week 9am to 9pm.

Professional working in Toronto

I have always had very sensitive skin and thought I would have difficulty with electrolysis.

I was delighted when the staff at the Electrolysis Toronto Clinic provided me with the solution for a comfortable and relaxing electrolysis experience.

Sensitive Female